Institutes & Faculties
Medical Institute
Specialty Medicine

Pedagogical Institute
Computer Science and Mathematics, Technology and Economics, Geography and Biology, Foreign Language (English, German, French), Russian Language and Literature, Social Science and Cultural Education, History and Law, Life Safety, Primary Education, Preschool Education, Native Language and Literature, Physical Education, Psychological and Pedagogical Education, Special (Defectological) Education

Institute of Natural Sciences
Bachelor programs: Chemistry, Biology, Ecology and Nature, Geology
Master programs: Chemistry, Biology, Ecology and Nature

Institute of Humanities
Bachelor programs: Philology, Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, International Relations, Political Science
Master programs: Philology, History

Institute of History and Law
Bachelor programs: Jurisprudence, History
Master programs: Jurisprudence, History

Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship
Bachelor programs: Management, Tourism
Master programs: Economics of the Firm

Institute of Social Technologies
Bachelor programs: Psychology, Social Work, Physical Education

Institute of Exact Sciences and Information Technologies
Bachelor programs: Information Security, Mathematics and Computer Science, Applied Informatics, Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Radiophysics, Technosphere Safety
Master programs: Physics (“Information Processes and Systems”, Mathematics and Computer Science (“Mathematical and Computer Modeling”)

Institute of Economics and Finance
Bachelor programs: Economics
Master programs: Finance and Credit: Corporate Finance, Economy: Accounting and Taxation

Faculty of Arts
Bachelor programs: Design, Arts and Crafts
Master programs: Design: Environmental Design

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