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Here you will find all the information regarding admission to Syktyvkar State University.

Syktyvkar State University today is a complex including all levels of education:

- Secondary (complete) general education (Lyceum in Syktyvkar State University);

- Primary vocational training (the "Lab-ecologist" programme);

- Secondary vocational education (6 educational programs);

- Higher professional education (Bachelor, Master);

- Additional professional education (more than 30 programs). 

The University consists of 6 institutes, 5 faculties and College of Economics, Law and Informatics.

The university ranked second in the ranking of Russian universities in 2011 "Quality coefficient of universities" (monitoring transparency of the site for applicants). It ranked 72 and was the only university in the Republic of Komi which entered the first hundred in the ranking of The Money magazine (survey of employers). SSU is the 24 among the "traditional universities" in the ranking in terms of information and communication technologies.

SyktSU offers tremendous opportunities to develop talents and unleashing the potential. There are all conditions for the training professionals and forming a successful person:

- Availability of budget places and places with a tuition fee;

- Center of Pre-University Education (training courses to prepare for the entrance tests);

- Career-oriented computer testing for applicants to assist in the choice of future profession;

- A system of parallel education and external studies;

- Master's degree and post-graduate courses;

- Institute for Continuing Professional Education;

- Office for International education (international internships in the United States, Canada, England, Germany, France, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, China, and Japan. Courses BCS, the program North to North, programs Barens plus Certification IES, youth cooperation club, Russian Language Education;

- Employment Promotion Centre for students and graduates (program to help in the selection of the desired position, place of work);

- Library of SyktSU is our pride (reading rooms with a variety of books to meet the needs of students of all specialties of the university, as well as the information base of the electronic library, which is carried out on the spot);

- SyktSU Museum (Museum of History and Education of the Komi region, the Zoological Museum, Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography of Syktyvkar State University);

- Perfect conditions for students' leisure, cultural and sports activities (swimming pool, four gymnasiums, 3 gyms, sports clubs, sports Student Council, Tourist Club "Parma", Center for artistic creativity, the Center of Creative Photography)

- A modern health center "Sanatoriy-profilaktoriy";

- SyktSU driving school.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in person (Visit the central admissions office at: Main Building of SyktSU, 55, Octyabrsky Prospect, Syktyvkar, office 102, 109), Tel. 8 (8212) 43-67-25 , email,

 How to get to Syktyvkar State University

From the airport to the bus stop "Polyclinic № 3" by bus number 5 or to the stop "University" (SSU )by bus number 174

From the Auto Pavilion by bus number 46 to the stop "Polyclinic № 3"

From the railway station by number 5, 46, 15, 17 buses to the stop " Polyclinic № 3"

From Vylgort bus number 174 to the stop "University" (SSU)

From Ezhva by buses number 18, 54 to the stop "University" (SSU)

From Orbita by bus number 44 to the stop "University" (SSU)