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Heads of agencies, businesses and organizations! 

Every year more than 1,000 specialists with higher and secondary professional education graduate from our university.

The basic educational programs of secondary vocational education 

230111 Computer Networks 
230115 Programming in computer systems 
080114 Economics and Accounting

 The basic educational programs of higher education bachelor degree

010200.62 Mathematics and Computer Science 
010400.62 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 
011800.62 Radiophysics 
020100.62 Chemistry 
020400.62 Biology 
020700.62 Geology 
022000.62 Ecology and ecosystem exploitation 
030200.62 Political science 
030300.62 Psychology 
030600.62 History 
030900.62 Law 
031300.62 Journalism 
031600.62 Advertising and Public Relations 
031900.62 International Relations 
032700.62 Philology 
034000.62 Physical Education 
035700.62 Linguistics 
040400.62 Social Work 
071500.62 Folk Art Culture 
072500.62 Design 
080100.62 Economy 
080200.62 Management 
090900.62 Information Security 
100400.62 Tourism 
230700.62 Applied Informatics 
280700.62 Technosphere Safety

 The basic educational programs of higher education master degree

020100.68 Chemistry 
020400.68 Biology 
032600.68 History (Historical and political science) 
520833.68 History (History of Historical Science - Historiography) 
010200.68 Mathematics and Computer Science 
011200.68 Physics 
032700.68 Philology 
022000.68 Ecology and ecosystem exploitation 
080100.68 Economics (Economics of the firm) 
080100.68 Economics (Corporate Finance) 
080100.68 Economics (Accounting and Taxation) 
If you are interested in recruiting highly qualified specialists in these specializations with the skills to work with modern computer programs in various fields of knowledge, if you are looking for professionals who are adapted to the requirements of today's job market, you can set up cooperation with us and we will help you to find exactly those specialists that you need.